Important note from the owner

Dear Valued Customers,

My name is Anthony, and I am the proud owner of LidaGreen Inc., as well as all associated LidaGreen websites. Together with my dedicated team, we strive tirelessly every day to bring you unparalleled products and an exceptional customer experience.
Our commitment is rooted in the principles of hard work and ethical competition, which compels us to address some unfounded rumours circulating about us in various Facebook groups. It’s important to note that these groups are managed by the same entities that operate a competing website.
Regrettably, this competitor has engaged in the deletion of any positive reviews and testimonials about our services, while simultaneously disseminating negative feedback and fictitious claims about us through anonymous and deceptive profiles.
This has been done with the intent to sow doubt and erode trust within our community.
I assure you that LidaGreen Inc. maintains consistent pricing across all our products, regardless of the country or currency.
This past year alone, we’ve successfully delivered over 50,000 packages, earning the satisfaction and loyalty of thousands of customers worldwide. Our belief in equitable pricing and fair competition stands firm, a principle that, regrettably, does NOT seem to be shared by our competitor. However, we remain undeterred and fully committed to offering you the best possible service and products.
We cherish your ongoing support and hope to continue fostering a strong, collaborative relationship between you, our valued customers, and LidaGreen Inc. Together, we make an incredible team.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Warmest regards, Anthony

The best is yet to come!

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